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 Below is some information you might find helpful to pass along. Also, if any of your member would like to contact me directly I would be happy to answer any of their questions. I would also be happy to jump on a webinar with them to do a quick overview of the service.
1. One Account – Browse collection, checkout magazines, manage collection and read instantly online in PC/Mac browser – or download through Apps with a SINGLE account.
* Checkout the newest and back-issues
* Checkouts are permanent - no holds or limited checkout periods

2. Instantly Read Online in A PC/Mac Browser – Read checked out magazines within Library Collection Site.
* Compatible with PC – IE10+, Chrome and Firefox
* Compatible with Mac – Safari, Chrome and Firefox

3. GET THE NEW APP - Zinio for Libraries READ ONLY Apps – Log in with your existing library credentials, download and read magazines off-line.
* Currently available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire HD/HDX devices

4. Manage Personal Checked-out Collections - Personalize views, notifications access all checkouts in My Collection page.
5. Existing Patron Accounts Still Active In – combine access to library checked out content and personal purchased content from Retail site by continuing to use personal reading account in  
* Commercial apps are still available for iPhone, Kindle Fire HD/HDX, Win8, PC, MAC – library checked-out and purchases will display

6. Help (?) icon – Expanded how-to documentation, overview videos and accessibility to get additional help and support.
•   Zinio for Libraries – One Account Experience LIVE Webinars





Michigan Cooperative Directors Association
STATEWIDE DISCOUNTS are on the TLN page at

REMC Cooperative Bid Catalog  

Negotiated by REMC Association for Michigan school libraries
with pricing available for public libraries




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