MMLL Listserv Instructions  

Purpose: To share information quickly and easily with everyone simultaneously.

What: Post questions, announcements, good and bad news, share information. The only caution is to remember that your messages will appear in mailboxes as soon as you post them and will go to everyone on the list.

Who: The League strongly encourages every library to have at least one person subscribed to the Listserv in order to ensure that they are receiving communications from the MMLL office. It may also be beneficial to have staff and Trustees join as well.

E-mail address: E-mail messages posted on the listserv from the Cooperative office will come from

How to sign up:   Send an email message with the following information:


Subject:        MMLL Listserv

Body:            Please sign me up for the MMLL listserv

Name: [your name]

Library: [your library]

Email:  [your email address]



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