Maker Space Resources

Librarika Catalog - use this link for MMLL maker kit reservation

Instructions on setting up a Librarika account - the Young adult lisbrary services association (a division of the american library association) has updated their STEAM Programming Toolkit - this site is brought to you in collaboration with Instructables and it is our hope that through this site, libraries of all stripes and sizes will be able to experiment with maker projects. - a community for anyone interested in the maker movement and makerspaces, especially in libraries and schools. Explore the site for resources, reviews, and our blog (which updates weekly).

U-M Maker presentation slides - slides for the training program being offered in various locations in Michigan during the summer of 2016 and 2017. - a maker handbook will be developed as a deliverable of this UMSI project funded by the IMLS. - traveling maker space program developed for a school district in Knoxville, TN. - a space for sharing projects; you can request a free maker space handbook at

Resources for Maker Education - find resources and tools to help bring elements of maker culture into schools and classrooms, and encourage students to explore STEAM subjects within the context of maker projects. - archived webinar and lots of resources available on the WebJunction site. TechSoup has a section for libraries and some resources for maker space programming - excellent resources from the LMx, Libraries of Middlesex County, NJ - 3D sketching tool, available as an app for your iPad - “Make: we are all makers.” Maker Media is a global platform for connecting Makers with each other - Maker Camp is a free, online (and in-person) community for young Makers interested in DIY, making, creating, crafting, hacking, tinkering, and learning.

Maker's Manual, v. 2.0, 12-9-15 - a psfk manual "powered by Intel." PSFK is a leading provider of innovation insights. Higher end for older patrons. - Little Bits electronics website with lots of resources, but they also want to sell you the kits. - maker kits for sale on website with lots of ideas and resources. - MakerBot’s Thingiverse community has uploaded over 548,910 3D models for sharing, and has lots of ideas on their site - structure sensor 3D scanner website with good information on the use of the scanner for 3D printing. - software that goes nicely with the structure sensor 3D scanner above. - Oak Park Public Library (IL) - Idea Box is a dedicated 19’ x 13’ space that each month provides a new and dynamic participatory community experience. Visitors are encouraged to learn through tinkering, fun, experimentation and play. - cool resources from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.  Categorized as “no tech,” “low tech,” or “high tech.” - consumeraffairs updated 3D printer guide


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