Core Services:

The cooperative board shall provide, directly or through a written contract, services to member libraries within the cooperative area. These services are listed below:

1. Administrative Services: Administrative Services are essential to the operation of the League and to the delivery of the Plan of Service. Costs, procedures and personnel will be reviewed on an annual basis to insure fiscal responsibility. Areas of service include: Policy development, finance, personnel, grant writing and management, information technology, consultation and advocacy.

2. Continuing Education: Training on specific topics will be offered, approved by the MMLL Board on an annual basis.

3.  Interlibrary Loan/ILS: MMLL will lead member libraries by assisting them with the technology and procedures for patron-initiated interlibrary loan via the statewide MeLCat resource sharing system. MMLL will assist members with ILS technology and shared systems as needed.  Interlibrary loan service for materials not found in MeLCat will be provided via an arrangement with the White Pine Library Cooperative for a per item request fee billed directly to MMLL members on a quarterly basis.

4.  Advisory Council: The Advisory Council is comprised of the director of each member library and is established as the key method of communication between the members, the board and administration. (See Section VI. Advisory Council) 

5.  Discounts: Negotiated discounts for library materials, databases, supplies, telecommunication services, and other volume-based purchases shall be achieved and offered to member libraries either by posting the direct contact information for the member with the discounted pricing, or by the cooperative paying the vendor invoice and then re-invoicing the membership.

6.  Website/Listserv: MMLL shall maintain both a website and listserv as communication and resource tools for member libraries and MMLL trustees.  Content shall include minutes, policies, budgets, discounts, training and grant opportunities.

7.  Delivery: MMLL shall pay the cost of participation in the statewide delivery system, “RIDES” for each member library.  Class size I-IV will have up to three days of delivery paid for by the MMLL, and class size V and VI shall have up to five days of paid delivery.  Additional payment of delivery to branch locations may be negotiated between the MMLL Board and member library.

8.  Reference: MMLL shall provide reference and consulting services to member libraries.

9. Technology support:  MMLL shall provide consultation on broadband connectivity, public access computing, integrated library systems, and other library technologies to its members.  When the budget allows, a stipend for each member library shall be provided for payment of tech support.  MMLL shall arrange for third party service at a discounted rate.  In addition, MMLL shall arrange for a discounted rate for E-rate consulting.

10. Service Initiatives:  As funds allow, MMLL will provide service initiatives to benefit the membership, such as grant programs and rotating special collections.

11.  e-Resources:  As the budget allows, MMLL will purchase access to subscription e-resources such as language learning and downloadable e-audio content.  This will be provided to all members as a benefit of membership in the cooperative.

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